star trek tng fanfic recs. Good writing in all its forms can be found here, including gen, het, slash, OCs, AUs, crossovers, future fics, humour & pastiche. i’ve laughed so many times reading this fic and it’s nice to have such perfect comic relief among all the angsty fics. The ones that love us never really leave us. Summary: On an alien planet, Chekov is the poor bastard who encounters the orgasm eating slug of doom. I was curious to see if anyone read fanfiction about Star Trek in the subreddit and also to see which ones you guys thought were the best. An index of all Star Trek Fanfiction Recommendations pages can be found here. Created using the Fanfiction Header Builder Title: With Sun and Morning Author: oparu. It's hard to believe that more than 50 years have already passed since the Star Trek: The Original Series came into our world. It is by NO means a complete list of Obi-Wan fics I love, nor does it feature the complete set of Obi-Wan ships I enjoy, but it’s a good starter set: 1. This is a community for the pairing of James Kirk and Nyota Uhura in the 2009 Star Trek film. Next rec: I really want to do 'Little One' but I cannot promise anything. Title: Over to Q Canon: Star Trek TNG Pairing: Jean-Luc Picard/Q Rating: Teen [PG]. A strange storm on Berengaria causes everyone to gradually swap memories, leading to questions of identity, and Loxus fears that his true nature may be uncovered. We’ve even got Star Trek games running on OngoingWorlds. Kirk's totally not even remotely in love with Spock. Synopsis: Between the departure of Dr. I have no preferred pairing for either fandom, most of my ST recs will be in the reboot universe, and my favorite character in SW is Obi-Wan Kenobi. English - Staff: 4 - Followers: 22 - Since: 05-14-09 - Founder: vesperlynds. - Safe by SidSky on AO3 (293,433 words, T) Khan has escaped, and kidnapped a member of the Enterprise crew. Anakin tries to regain the trust of his former Master while both have to face their complex feelings for each other. Captain’s log: The Enterprise ‘s previous mission was. In which Jim is lonely (and bored), Spock goes above and beyond the call of duty, and McCoy is going to have a heart attack before he's forty. ”Poe’s eyes shoot open, gasping for air. Star Trek: The Next Generation. See a recent post on Tumblr from @incorrect-star-trek-quotes about TNG. Fandom: Star Trek: the Next Generation Wordcount: 1932. Ouroboros by bedlamsbard - Just before the events of ROTS, Anakin accidentally triggers a Sith device that sends him hurtling twenty years into the future. Captain Kirk is near death after a battle with the Klingons ends badly. By decree of the Emperor, Sarek is made Governor of Vulcan. Recommendations for Fanfiction ~ Slash, Femslash, and Het Fanfic Recs. SW Fic Recs includes fanfiction recs for the majority of Star Wars visual media, including the Original Trilogy, the Prequels Trilogy, the Sequels Trilogy, Rogue One, the Clone Wars, and Rebels. For fanfic featuring the crew of the space station Deep Space Nine: Advertisement: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Adventure Star Trek Tuvok Captain Picard Star Trek Future Generation. July 24, 2021 June 22, 2021 Isabelle Disraeli Leave a comment. Please login or Vid Rec - Star Wars Downunder: Marcus Rowland: 1 1532 Sun, 11 Oct 15 15:04:23. Clocking in at 70,000 words, this fic by scarletjedi is accessible and bingeable, especially for those fans who can't get enough of the sass and sarcasm between Luke and his former mentor. Understandings - Chapter 1 - AvecPlaisir - Harry Potter - J. Contributed to by authors and creators across the world, Trekkie Fan Fiction is proud to be for the fans, by the fans. - Stargate SG-1 (Jack fic, original team fic, outsider POVs) - Star Trek AOS (Spock, Sarek, ensemble stories) - Star Trek TNG (Q, Picard, Data) - Star Wars (Vaderfic, mostly original trilogy stories) - Supernatural (John Winchester fic, creepy stories) - West Wing (ensemble gen, Jed and Leo friendship fic) - X-Files (casefile type stories). com-2022-05-05T00:00:00+00:01 Subject: Letters From War By Hunnyfresh Swan Queen Fanfic Recs Keywords: letters, from, war, by, hunnyfresh, swan, queen, fanfic, recs Created Date: 5/5/2022 8:37:22 AM. self insert star Trek tng or voyager fics : FanFiction. Inspired by the Witch Head Nebula, with a public domain image from NASA used as the header, it's perfect for anyone who likes a bit of green! You can find it over on the drop-down menu, along with Fire and Void. Plus, it’s all my favorite things, like TIME TRAVELING OBI-WAN. These are AOS / Kelvin Timeline fic recs… I’ll branch out into the other series eventually…. He does have his moments in the whump-sun… See more posts like this on Tumblr. Along the way, he also bonds with a certain rascally young man from Tatooine, and completely deflates the hype of the Jedi Order. the motion picture the wrath of khan the search for spock the voyage home the final frontier the undiscovered country star trek (2009) star trek: into darkness. With time McCoy accepted his new life in Starfleet as good, as enough. Of course, she never expected to run into him. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth being exiled from continuity for here: These are recommendations made by tropers for Fan Fics set in the Star Wars Legends continuity, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to …. Title: Holding Pattern Author: TalesfromtheSpockSide Characters/Pairings: Sarek/Amanda, Spock/Uhura, Kirk, McCoy, Chekov, Scotty Fandom: ST2009 Genre: Romance/Family. Chakotay/Janeway romance, adventure, minor angst, Post-series finale, Post-Endgame. are what I like to call The Classics, and should be read by every TNG fan. Kellie's 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Fanfic Many of these works are co-authored with Julia Blackshear Kosatka Note: One of these days I hope to have the stories currently marked 'unavailable' archived here as well, but RL has to leave me alone long ehough to do a bunch of coding. Whilst I’m fairly sure my first long opus was a Star Trek: TNG ode to Riker, which is another story, I did learn a lot of the art of whumping by whumping Apollo. Also, Arnel 63 has written some really good stories, though there aren't very many about Harry. fanfiction, rec list, Star Wars. Dig Them Up (Let’s Finish What We Started) by canistakahari [James T Kirk/Leonard McCoy] [T] [COMPLETE/10,464 words] [Recommended by: snugglyspock] [ warnings: Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers, PTSD, (canon) character death] Nobody tells you that coming back to life isn’t easy. I wrote fanfic, albeit I didn’t know the term, but indeedy did I write fanfic, longhand and bashing on my dad’s old typewriter. crowchildren - kagehina - comp; 58k - beaut heartwarming angsty fantasy-ish kinda tale about crowchildren who carry souls of the dead to the final resting place. Rec: (You Must've Got One of Them) Combustible Heads by tardigradeschool. Rating: K+ (fanfic's PG-13) Status: In-Progress (updates fairly quickly so far) Summary : Between S8:2 & S8:3. So he visits Earth and hires Jim Kirk as his guide, with predictable results. Jim and Spock’s relationship, from Leonard’s point of view. Star Trek ( 2009 film and resulting alternate reality. Now going to crossover with: Doctor Who, Stargate, Early Edition, Firefly. Letters From War By Hunnyfresh Swan Queen Fanfic Recs Author: www. 2 Hungry Targ: A Star Trek Lower Decks Fanfiction by 1nONLY-DRock Under the statue of the Klingon Empire's greatest hero, retired General turned Loremaster Ma'ah tells the tale of his Targ and his role in Ma'ah's ascent, proving it's not all about loyalty, but also how you foster it. How to Use Facbook- (All the next generation) Relative- (James-mostly) Lessons Learnt- (Scorpius and Rose) Finding the Future-Sequel to Lessons Learnt- (Scorpius and Rose) For Name’s Sake!- (Luna. Nate is the captain of the Federation Starship USS CrazyHorse. Related Series: Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: My Brother's Keeper, Star Trek Classic, Star Trek: The Captain's Table, Star Trek: Double Helix. Recs are tagged with a variety of things including fandom and ship. Anakin is held to be one of the finest duelists in the galaxy, trained from when he was young, for Luke to advance enough to best him that quickly is kinda unlikely, possible due to the intuetive aspect of the force, but still pretty unlikely. SOOOOO, how's about another fic rec post? Star Trek: Generations Gaps The crew of the Enterprise-D run into the crew . Title: One Hell of a Mess Author: noelia_g Canon: Star Wars - the Sequel Trilogy Pairing: Poe Dameron/Finn Rating: General [G] Word Count: 5,097 Summary: Based on stormpiloting's headcanon: "Okay so I love Poe stressing Finn out with how unbearably cool and suave he is but honestly I live for Finn turning Poe into an…. Fic Recs: 10 Amazing Works Of Star Wars Fan. July 22, 2021 June 18, 2021 Isabelle Disraeli 1 Comment. Beyond fixing the site registration issues, I added a new theme to Ad Astra. I would like to take on a conversation with the starships. The first part will the back story from Tuvok's POV on how he ended up bonding with Chakotay and Tom, while locked inside the F'iveisea prison with Tom, Kathryn, Harry, B'Elanna Ayala and Dalby. Volskiar isn't really happy about his daughter's choices, but he'll let her make her own mistakes. 174 Stories 76 Authors 5 Eras Short Story Enterprise: The Ship of Death by Sean O'Keefe. Remus Lupin is one of his students—one particularly bad at flirting. With Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, DeForest Kelley, Nichelle Nichols. Recommended by Judge King ; The Finest In The Fleet by DataLady91. DK Vine Forum > Fanfiction Recommendations. Red Feathers: She's like one of their own. In the 23rd Century, Captain James T. Star Trek: Trekkie Fan Fiction • 174 Fan Fiction Stories. A collection of stories either starring Cadet Gaila or featuring her as an important secondary character. Now, tensions between Vulcan and Terra are on the rise and threatening the iron hold of the Terran Empire. Everyone must then fulfil their new roles when the base is attacked by Klingon pirates. Of Queen, Knights and Padawans by chancecraz - General Organa goes to sleep at the end of the Force Awakens and wakes up at the begginning of A New Hope, walking into an interrogation with Vader. Huh, never considered Luke's sudden lightsaber mastery. She doesn't have Riker's culutral sophistication, Deanna's experience, or Geordi's charm. Homecoming by Phoenixe: Six months ago Daniel disappeared. Without the show creator Gene Roddenberry's wildest ideas, the popular television show would have not spawned eig. The third chapter of the rebooted Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Beyond, flies high and fast with an extra dose of action, thanks to director Justin Lin. Rowling [Archive of Our Own] Professor Black was well aware of the danger of werewolves, but he had never quite expected this. Summary: In which Bokuto Kotarou is woefully inept at conveying his feelings, and Akaashi Keiji has a sort-of superpower. In a last-ditch attempt to save his life Spock, McCoy and the Enterprise return to Vulcan in the hopes of finding a cure. On a mission to bring down a dangerous enemy, Anakin’s stubbornness puts him at risk, and a familar face threatens to cause a rift between the Hero With No Fear and The Negotiator. recommendations by allaire mikháil. Kellie's 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Fanfic. Nothing is what it seems by Rose d'Epine. Future possible crossovers: Harry Potter, Castle, Psych. Summary: Akaashi desperately needs a new mattress and he drags his loyal, loving, and very loud boyfriend with him. Next Generation [338] Deep Space Nine [363] Voyager [149] Picard [0] Lower Decks [0] Mirror Universe [71] Alternate Universes [207] Expanded Universes [758] Crossovers [160] Meta, Essays and Everything Else [38] Welcome. he wakes up one day and has been given command of the USS Prometheus. Original air date: January 29, 1990. shinidraco: Looking for a type of fic not a specific one — 0; kasey1939: Time Travel Fic Recs Request — 0; crow821: Looking for a Reboot "City on the Edge of Forever" Spirk Fic: Found — 0; lovestory01: Looking for two Spirk fics — 2; lovestory01: Spirk fic Shrodingers Cat — 1; lovestory01: Looking for a short Spirk fic where Jim is a. After her encounter with Captain Picard, Sela has a talk with her father. Summary: (AU) In a land never torn apart by the Hundred Year War, the sixteen-year-old Avatar Aang is trying his best to keep the balance between the four nations, including the increasingly antagonistic Fire Nation, which, despite his friendship with the Crown Prince Zuko, refuses to acknowledge him. ) For fanfic featuring the crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D): Star Trek: The Next Generation. - Enemies rally to initiate a devastating strike at the very heart of the Great Terran Empire. Not much of a plot, but some TwelveWhump! and lots of angst and awkwardness. There’s many giant Star Trek roleplay clubs, like Starbase 118 and Star Trek: Borderlands. Star Wars Legends / Fanfic Recs. The friendship between Geordi La Forge and Data continued to blossom and grow stronger over the course of their tenures aboard the U. Holiday Home by Dangermouse: Daniel and Paul Davis buy a holiday home in New Orleans. you almost make me believe in miracles. Worf (Star Trek:TNG/DS9) Deanna Troi Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot Rough Sex Vaginal Fingering Vaginal Sex Sexual Roleplay Will Riker is trans and you can't change my mind Light Dom/sub deanna is mentioned in passing almost all of this is just riker and worf alone Trans Male Character usage of gendered terms for genitals. Since there isn't a thread for Star Trek fics but one for Star Wars (and everything else), Furthermore I'd love to rec: Taskforce 43!. 65 The Adoration of a Green Goddess. Star Trek: The Next Generation/Fanfic Recs. I don't have specific recs for you, as I've just started reading TNG. Wings of fire ripnami lemon. Annexed half a century ago and subjugated under a brutal regime. - Clarion call to rally past enemies, now allies. sunshine harbour - kagehina - comp; 110k - hinata goes missing 1 day n kags sets out to find him, but he ends up in a mysterious town w a shit ton of secrets. He reunites unexpectedly with Captain Janeway and members of Voyager’s crew when a diplomatic mission to settle a dispute on Nemos 4 goes awry. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfics, . Looking for Star Trek the Next Generation or Star Trek Voyager self insert fanfictions make sure there a lot of chapters it doesn’t have to be so long that it has hundreds of chapters but at least a good amount of chapters any will help but not hiver fanfics I have see them already. I am trying to find a fic I read several years ago. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Warped, subtitled An Engaging Guide to the Never-Aired 8th Season, is a reference book from Gallery Books written by Mike McMahan, with art by Joel Watson and Jason Ho. self insert star Trek tng or voyager fics Recs Wanted Looking for Star Trek the Next Generation or Star Trek Voyager self insert fanfictions make sure there a lot of chapters it doesn't have to be so long that it has hundreds of chapters but at least a good amount of chapters any will help but not hiver fanfics I have see them already. He's an outsider to everyone - except her. From the book jacket In the basement of the Star Trek archives, behind. When a simple training mission is derailed into a seemingly hopeless situation, both have to learn to trust one another, and they'll need all their wits and survival skills to stay alive. Contents: 1010 recs in 235 fandoms; 65 links. FIC REC: Holding Pattern (Sarek/Amanda. Faced with the news of Kirk's death in Generations, Spock tells the story of a thirty-year friendship that defied all categorization. So, here's a good fanfiction recommendation list, the following stories were selected for two reasons: The characters must be In Character (IC), unless the point of the story is the characters being Out of Character (OOC). Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be accessible . Despite the tragic conclusion, the duo enjoyed a wealth of interesting adventures, ranging from. Attack on High School Athletics (incomplete) by pengiesama. Then an unexpected gift dropped into his world beckoning desire for romance and, perhaps, more. Of course that's just the ideal, most any A. @flukeoffate requested that I provide some Obi-Wan centric recs. Trekkie Fan Fiction is a FREE Star Trek library of fan-written novels, short stories, graphic novels, audio books, and videos. I remember Coalesced Matter was a good Dooku & Obi-Wan & Anakin fic, too! In fairness, I haven’t read Reprise by Elfpen yet (I’m hoarding it) but I’ve enjoyed the other fic I’ve read from this author, so I feel confidence giving this a rec. Star Trek: The Next Generation, Episode Where No One Has Gone Before (1987) // Star Trek: Picard, . Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page. Summary: Anakin pushes himself too hard and Obi-Wan tries to get him to realize his limits. Heck, it's the only decent Star Wars fanfic on deaging! Definitely worth the time. McCoy treats the embarrassed young man and has to figure out how to entice the pink-orgasm-eating-slug-of-doom off of the poor virgin ensign. There is an old saying "If these walls could talk" revealing secrets or unspoken words. Nerd-related "texts from last night" tumblrs might be my favorite thing ever. From Me to Q and Q Music - Star Trek TNG Q/Picard, I've been rereading all my favourite Q/Picard fanfic although not a lot of it remains . But after its destruction, alone on an empty planet, they must become something else to save their friends, and discover what that makes them to each other. ) For fanfic featuring the crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D): Star Trek: The Next Generation For fanfic featuring the crew of the space station Deep Space Nine: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine For. No, as the child of a forgotten backwater, she doesn't get their jokes either. Authors and Websites General Fics Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Beast of Burden by ProfDrLachfinger: “Obi-Wan had always believed in the good side of Anakin. The newest addition to my tumblr dash? Texts from Star Trek: . Not Klingon enough for the Empire. Fanfiction Recs (Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek Enterprise) So, I just watched episode 2x16 of Stargate Atlantis, The Long Goodbye (ya know, the one where Weir and Sheppard aren’t Weir and Sheppard and. Enterprise explore the galaxy and defend the United Federation of Planets. Join Nate and the crew of the USS Prometheus for the adventure of a lifetime. This is a character study of Julian Bashir featuring Beverly Crusher, Katherine Pulaski, a few minor characters, and one Elim Garak, who's never far from Julian's thoughts. " Corpus Invictus NC-17 2,776 Reboot Personal Space Spock has questions that need answers Mirrorgirl NC-17 3,018 Original Series Points of Interest Spock has sexy ears. Fanfic Recs / Star Trek: The Next Generation. 12th Doctor Recs: A Breath of Fresh Air by sapienlover. Desperate for a saviour, now one has come and he is more than up to the challenge. Tony snaps his fingers…and wakes up five days before the events that led to the death of JARVIS and the creation of Ultron. A still-recovering Twelve & Clara take a break, a little trip to try and figure each other out. AxelBlade • FR18 • Chapters [20] • Words [57,425] • Recs [15] • Reviews [174] • Hits [166,157. Captain’s Log: Rutia IV is a trading partner of the Federation that has been having. YAHF Xander dresses as Q (from Star trek) for Halloween, and Sunnydale will never be the same. (Set in the latter TNG era but with a different cast). star trek: the original series fan fiction. Hi everyone! Unfortunately, Microsoft has placed this server on a block list, and. A satirical "episode guide" based on the posts of the @TNG_S8 Twitter account, the book was released in October 2015. data is stumpedVISIT THE OFFICIAL LUCKY SURFER SCIFI WEB SITE!https://wombatlab1. Looking for good Star Trek fanfic? For fanfic featuring the crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701): Star Trek: The Original Series and films. She must survive with nothing but her smarts, the Force and. Innovative and stylish fanfiction, showcasing the very best across multiple sf, fantasy & literature fandoms. Until, one day, a mysterious stranger on a quest to rebuild himself rents a room for the winter. A one-shot inspired by beautiful art. Looking for a fic - crossover Stargate SG-1, Star Trek (TNG?), and Babylon 5. sga, spn, star trek, star trek tng, star trek xi, star wars, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1,. See a recent post on Tumblr from @zeewezel about wings-of-fire. Star Trek (2009 film and resulting alternate reality. Star Trek: The Original Series was my first fandom. For fanfic featuring the crew of the USS Voyager (NCC-74656):. Thematically, there’s the lingering plot element of her having to come to terms with Voyager ’s stranding far from Federation space leading to a breakdown in the relationship with her fiancé. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. The Star Trek: The Next Generation book series by multiple authors includes books Ghost Ship, The Peacekeepers, The Children of Hamlin, and several more. Leonard McCoy thinks he has nothing in common with command-track cadet Jim Kirk, until a series of events forces them together. Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation is there any recs with must-read or “classic” qcard fics?. Star Trek Fanfiction · 32 Stories · (Updated 2021). But not all the Borg tech on board was removed. Rock Bottom by GhostGrantaire, steve. Action Adventure Star Trek Original Series Fanfic. The Star Trek franchise has always touted its aim to “boldly go” where no one has gone. Lucky Star Fanfiction Recommendations. Star Trek Fic Rec Kirk/Spock • Leave No Soul Behind Mature 259000 words If you're Starfleet, you spend your whole life wishing you never see an EPAS uniform . See a recent post on Tumblr from @geekygwen about star trek tng. Anonymous whispered: So, I need a bit of help finding a fic. Self Insert will do really, I'm not that picky. They walk into the room and Carlos hears the bomb ticking before it goes off and moves in front of TK, they both end up trapped. In a world where you're entrusted with your soulmates private thoughts on your wrist at all times, Tony is heartbroken to find his own wrist empty. Star Trek • Star Trek - The Next Generation • 58 stories • Updated Feb 21 Trek to the Hellmouth (old version) Nearly a month after the events of Star Trek: First Contact, the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E, is fully repaired, and it's ready to come back into service. This is the new home of my fic recs, which used to be hosted on my website Nomad's Realm. Enterprise-E, as the only event able to sever their bond was Data's untimely death during Shinzon's attack in Star Trek Nemesis. it’s another high school AU and eren and armin are already established and it’s basically a zany romantic comedy. He immediately pushes back and tries to cover himself with his blanket, “Wh- What are you doing?”————————————Poe has nightmares and they always seem to. Emerson Fittipaldi (BRA) Lotus 72D crosses the line to become winner of the first Brazilian GP; cheered on at trackside in traditional manner by Colin Chapman (GBR) Lotus Team Owner. The King of Hawkins High by el_spirito, steve & dustin & hopper & nancy & cast, 7. Her talents are manifold, and she is just be. Inherited Emotions by MaureenT: What if. Summary: As a B&B owner on the most remote of all the British Isles, Louis Tomlinson is used to spending the coldest half of the year in complete isolation, with his dog and the sea as sole companions. Shopaholic's fanfics and Fanfic Recommendations. I personally really like q and Janeway Fanfictions but there's not many of them. A sequence of three different experiences and observations. Lots of good hurt/comfort with Obi-wan and Will Riker and a solid. Against all odds SG-1 have found him and Jack must face the truth of his darkest desires and his fears he was responsible for driving Daniel away. Synopsis: A leading Starfleet scientist steals classified secrets before apparently dying during an escape attempt; but when he returns five years later, he's meaner and more dangerous than ever, and it falls to his oldest friend to decipher his plan and stop him before it's too late. Here’s some tips for anyone who wants to write fiction in the Star Trek universe:. Length: 77 chapters (146565 words) Location: Archive of Our Own ( link) Summary: On Halloween, Kagome decides to dress as her utter opposite. With a hardened heart, he attempts to reconcile his life the best way he can. - Keep friends close and enemies closer. Star Trek: Created by Gene Roddenberry. “@moparsmind @DestinLegarie Office Parks and rec Star trek TNG Lots of all time shows have terrible first seasons”. Their lives intersect with a young human-Vulcan woman, T'Kar, who is more than she seems. Don't look to the future; it is already gone. Texts from Star Trek: The Next Generation · Texts from tng - great tumblr · More like this. I discovered it almost by accident when a friend lent me the novelization of the third movie which prompted me to go watch the fifth movie when it was shown in the cinema in town. Summary: A story about regrets and second chances. Kes and the Doctor have always been Voyager's noncombatants. The fic's really sweet; Obi-Wan is six and he's about the cutest kid I've ever read about. I'm very multi-fandom, and I read and rec mostly all gen fic, although I'm not het or slash unfriendly. Okay so here is a list of suggested fanfiction and ones I have read myself that I have enjoyed. Star Trek • Star Trek - The Next Generation • 58 stories • Updated Feb 21 Man of Sorrows Bajor, a planet on the border of Cardassian space. Lydia Gastrell (Goodreads Author) 4. Star Trek Fanfiction Fanfiction for readers who love Star Trek! Allergy Genres: Scifi, Thriller; While visiting a planet for diplomatic negotiations, a member of the away team suffers a severe allergic reaction, and for once, it's not Jim Kirk. Crusher, this Star Trek: The Next Generation / The Muppet Show crossover fanfic premiered in the very early days of the internet (1989!) when the new Doctor on the Enterprise is Doctor Bob. Or: Tony Stark will do anything to keep. When Kristine is asked to be the medical assistant for an old flame, Doctor McCoy aboard the Enterprise, she finds herself making new friends and finding old ones while on inter-galactic adventures. Steve shows up to pick up Dustin after the Snow Ball, and ends up with a car full of kids. Atlantis- A series of one-shots (fanfic talk for self contained, usually single chapter stories) Eggs, Feathers, and Honeycombs - Same as above. Others await development and advances in science. This is most properly a Gen fic, but the allusions to romantic interest (M/M and M/F) were intentional. Don't Look Back: Don't run from the past; it'll catch you. Fanfiction Recommendations by Isabelle Disraeli · Tag: star trek tng · Rec: Over to Q by insanelyinlovewithstamets · Rec: Love Like Q by MadameReveuse · Rec: (You . Enterprise Squared by Bob Regent. I know that many people consider "Star Trek V: The Final. But the actions taken by Anakin following Padmé’s death unsettle Obi-Wan deeply. As a peace offering between the two worlds the Emperor sends him a gift, a human wife. Re-Entry and Re-Entry: Journey of the Whills, by @deadcatwithaflamethrower. Feel free to leave a review on the site or in the comments below. Completed May 2, 2021 Uhura the 9th. self insert star Trek tng or voyager fics. Overall opinion: This is the only deaged!Obi-Wan fic I've ever found. Star Trek fanfiction is as old as Star Trek itself, and heavily dominates the world of online roleplaying. Contents 1 Authors and Websites 2 General Fics 3 Shipping Fics 4 Misc. Original air date: October 21, 1991. The first fic in the series is George/Winona, and it's gorgeous and perfect, but you can also skip that and start with the Kirk/McCoy story (which I think is my personal favorite Jim/Bones. How do recs work? Here, recs come from the page mods or from submissions. the next generation, st tng, william riker, deanna troi, and star trek tng. So we all know the sex-pollen-made-us-do-it fic. is a known and accepted quantity but the technology making up the main character is either Unknown distinctly Alien or outright Eldritch. But is Enterprise's CMO willing to give love a second chance?. It’s a sort of AU sequel to a fic called Seekers, where young Obi-wan gets sold as a slave by Xanatos and gets rescued by the crew of the Enterprise who have fallen through a wormhole. Have a fic you like? Send me the link in my . Don't even care what fandom so long as it's well written enough that it transcends fan. 14Star Trek: The Next Generation- The Man Who Wasn't There » by ywkls Set shortly after the events of the TNG episode, All Good Things. Inspired loosely by Pretty Woman; pre-movie AU. Kirk/Spock (Star Trek) part 3 Knitting Lessons by blcwriter Spock’s mother knit him a sweater, which develops a hole. If they could talk and reveal how they feel zipping through space. If you're interested in ST: TNG at all, i'd like to recommend the fic Qstruck by Atara Stein (this being written in 1995, i sadly have no idea how to . Emiliana's Rec List is pretty solid (although not all of the links work anymore), and I'd add Cards_Slash's Inertia or Laws of Motion series to that. Discover more posts about star trek tng, st tng, the next generation, worf, riker, . Before you start complaining that these two should never be lumped together, please realize that I am a fan of both of these and they occupy the same space in my brain. He decides he won’t let the future he lived come to pass, no matter how thoroughly he has to destroy the timeline. Fanfic Ticks: Modern Day Tokyo, post-Naraku, where Kagome is in her early 20′s and wasn’t able to return through the well. He's never quite fit into either. It is a crossover between Stargate SG-1, Babylon 5, and Star Trek: TNG (I think, since Picard is… Fanfic, Stargate SG-1, Encounters on a Faraway Planet, PG-13, 8/8, COMPLETE. AU, splitting from canon during season 4's "Scorpion". One story I'm currently reading that has a strong bond between Sirius and Harry is 'Raising the Boy Who Lived' by Fluter. Star Trek: The Next Next Generation - Ascent I (Ascent, #1) by. Texts from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Author: Umbrae Calamitas Published: 2015-01-11 Length:. Featuring slightly-delirious-but-still-a-mom Steve, protective Dustin, snarky children, and paternal Hopper, among other things. For fanfic featuring the crew of the USS Voyager (NCC-74656): Star Trek: Voyager. Star Wars - Fan Fic Recs - More Time Travel! Oh boy do I love Star Wars and time travel. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. Canon: Star Trek TNG Pairing: William Riker/Worf Rating: Explicit [NC-17]. Completed April 8, 2016 Turtwig1200. Written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme prompt found here: "Kirk likes/gets turned on seeing Spock do totally average, everyday or human-y things. Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: “Disaster”. Star Trek is one of the most popular science fiction series of all time and loved by people ar. Ward by cathypauline Jedi Apprentice/Star Trek: Next Generation crossover. Its very easy to find time travel Star Wars fic, but very difficult to find good time travel Star Wars fic. Rated: K+ - English - Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,561 - Published: Dec 12, 2021 - Complete. All he can see is Finn in his face. Title: (You Must've Got One of Them) Combustible Heads Author: tardigradeschool Canon: Star Trek TNG Pairing: Geordi. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. They are all Next Generation fanfiction. (Crossover with Star Trek: TNG) Originally posted in 1996. Basically, TK and Carlos get paired up to go into a building searching for a criminal on the run. Guest Reccer: Top Ten Star Trek: Reboot Chekov/McCoy. net has some entries, fanfiction. This Tumblr mashing up Texts From Last Night and Star Trek: The Next Generation is the absolute best. The trooper says as he pats Poe’s face, trying to wake him. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Title of work: Silence Author: Kellie Matthews Format: Novel. Surprising Developments "Holding cells!". Proof that the remaining 10% is worth dying for here. score: 198 , and 2 people voted. Kirk knits it shut– their friendship develops from there. Okay so I decided to start doing Q/Picard fic recs for y'all. By shielding his heart behind multiple crusty walls of height and strength capable of withstanding any breach. The POV will change to the others while waiting for Voyager to return and. Summary: Vulcan is considering seceding from the Federation; Spock, a researcher at the VSA, decides now is a good time to catch up on being Human. I'm working on getting her stuff up here, but it's been pretty busy for me lately. Just a short list that I’ve had in mind for a little while of recent reads. - Peace negotiations fail between the Great Terran Empire and the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Co-editor of The Rec Center, a weekly newsletter for fanfic recs a luxury cruise ship drifting among the stars. Post by Dimcairien onAug 1, 2012 at 10:03am. Summary: Finally docking following the Narada engagement, the Enterprise crew has been beamed to Earth for a litany of painful and exhausting debriefings, and Jim’s physical/mental depletion has resulted in one helluva migraine. So any recommendations on any Star Trek fanfiction that you guys really liked I really appreciate. Recommended by Across The Stars ; A 62-Day Study of the Human . Mostly 2009 and TOS, but Trek comes in all sizes, so there'll be a few DS9, TNG, and Voyager fics in here too. Sirius is a professor at Howgarts. Can Star Trek technologies ever be developed? Some of them, such as comm badges, already exist. Based on Lower Decks Season 2, Episode 9, 'wej Duj'. See the complete Star Trek: The Next.