danish rolling block parts. Item #40828 Danish Model 1867/96 Rolling Block Target Rifle with Shooting Plaque. The 45-70 will fit but is too small in the head area in front of the rim. 7mm Description: Serial #56247, 11. 7" barrel and weighs approximately 9. Even today, the action is a popular single-shot for hunters and target shooters. KRAG FRONT SIGHT BASE, Slotted And Drilled For Blade, Reproduction. The matching buttstock shows a brass disk, unit marked 2 AB over 1953. You notice that Remington used a smaller firing pin for it's Number 5 smokeless actions compared to the larger firing pin in the Number 1. Hello, I got a 1867 Danish Rolling block yesterday and was wondering if there was any special jag/cleaning attachment I needed in order to . 000 Remington Model 1867 Danish Rolling Block Rifles and 1. When the rolling block rifles in Sweden were rebarreled to 8x58RD we know that they were reworked (new breech block, re-hardened receiver, etc. 17 mm caliber was chosen because. M1866 Rifle; M1873 Rifle; M1876 Rifle; M1886 Rifle; M1892 Rifle; M1894 Rifle; Highwall & Low Wall Rifles; M1890,M62 and M06 Pump Rifles; Hotchkiss Rifle; M1904 Rifle; Parts For Reproduction Handguns. This Remington patent rolling block rifle was manufactured under license from the Remington Arms Company by the Spanish government primarily at its armory at Oviedo (Fábrika de Armas de Oviedo) but also in more limited quantities at the Euscalduna facility in Planencia, Spain. Ballistically it is identical to the 45-70 Government round as used in lever action and the Trapdoor Springfield25,000 to 30,000 PSI Or 24,000 Cup. English: Swedish rifle m/1867-89 in caliber 8x58R Danish Krag. In most cases these mentioned load levels exceed. With rifle in hand, it finally dawned on this giddy teenager I needed some ammunition. We know of several low 3000 rifles with 1874 patent dates. REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK CARBINE REAR SIGHT, For U. Danish ~ M-1867 Rolling Block ~ 11. Our Assessment: The Danish, Swedish and Norwegian governments all chose a Remington rolling block rifle as their service rifle at about the same time. The 8x56R is for the Austrian m95. 30-06 load data and we must ask if they exceed the listed chamber pressures as shown in Lyman 47th Edition Reloading manual. Remington Rolling Block Stock 1-1/2 Frame Stocks are intentionally cut oversized and maybe cut generic to fit several other different models of the same gun. It was originally chambered for a 12. The Danes elected to license the Remington design for manufacture in Denmark at the Copenhagen arsenal, which they did in a fairly large quantity. They can fix you up with barrels, smithing, and stocks. Buy Remington M1967/96 Danish Rolling Block 11. Also reshaping the Hammer and block. The trigger guard is the one I find the least examples of to look at. Recently bought a rolling block rifle that was supposed to b 45\70 the Remington but is different and none of the parts between the two . It appears the headspace is around. This book shows a lot of the rolling block rifle. DANISH 1867 / 83 ROLLING BLOCK RIFLE. If your rifle was made by Remington it will have Remington information on the top of the tang. Also included is an "Exceedingly Rare" M-1867-1896 Royal Danish 21" Rifle Bayonet w/Black Leather & Metal Tip Scabbard. 12,7x44R; 80% blue, fair bore, fair stock, 37'' barrel, Manufactured in 1869 this is a center fire rolling block shotgun. 45-70 cases is that the Danish chamber is approximately. Remington Rolling Block rifles were popular among the armies and rebellions during the revolutionary era. The company was founded in 2006 with the purchase of William "Bill" Wescombe's remaining inventory. This rifle is a Scandinavian Rolling Block belonging to Jim Reed of New Zealand. The metal finish has moderate overall wear with scattered light freckling. Bore Exc, Mech Exc, Wood VG plus near exc, Has a 35 3/8” Rd barrel with bayonet lug , 3 bbl bands, orig. The rifle has 100% original parts . They made another 10,000 rifles and 1,800 cavalry carbines later in 1867. The Swedish and Danish can be the same as the BP action also, especially those made by Remington. IT IS A MODEL 1867/96 MANUFACTURED IN 1883 CHAMBERED FOR 11. Here is an Antique matching number Danish 1867 Rolling Block rifle in 11. I am slowly moving forward on a learning project based in a Danish action and am looking for ideas. Wood is European hardwood, and has most likely been. The Remington rolling block mechanism was designed and patented on the 1 st of January 1863 by Joseph Rider, Newark, Ohio. Specializing in 19th & Early 20th Century Springfield Parts for the US Martial Arms Collectors. I have a Spanish Oviedo rifle, ut have not . I've been in possession of about 35 rolling blocks direct from Sweden. Original parts Original parts are subject to availability, please contact us prior to ordering Orders Please print the order form and send orders and payment by mail. I have found that 50 Alaskan brass cut down to 44mm works just great in the 12. Model 1871 Remington Rolling Block Colt Revolvers Model 1855. Load was 52grains in 1867 and changed to 60 grains of BP behind a 385 grain boolit. 070", so I'll able to use 45-70 or 8x56R without having to mess with rims. ) (1) In word processing, a block is a group of characters that you have marked to perform some action on them. 45-70 round, the brass immediately in front of the web expands to fill the chamber. Chambered in the Danish 8mm x 58R it is fiendishly accurate. It was a pretty sad receiver, and I couldn't get all the pits out, so you can see some in the color cased parts. Husqvarna 8x58R Danish Rolling Block commercial rifle barrel. Rolling Block TRIGGER SPRING, gun parts BuyItNow! $14. Breech Block And Hammer Rolling Block Split Breech Carbine. Manufacturer: Manufactured in 1875 at the Copenhagen Arsenal under license from Remington. NEW REMINGTON MODEL 1871 ACTION. The load is a Lee 459-405-HB over 45 grains of FFg. S, M I L I T A R Y O R I G I N A L ,You will get one similar to the one in the photos, hand selected and inspected, A L L 1 0 0 %25 U. We can load these with properly head stamped cases (#8X58RDANBERT) at an additional $20 per box. danish m1867 rolling block rifle: several countries purchased this patent from Remington this rifle being a Danish model of the popular Model 1867 Rolling Block. 348 Winchester in the past but this requires the rims to be thinned,cases shortened and in the case of the. I had a Danish Rolling Block in 11. Of those there were a few that had excessive front-to-back play in the breechblock when the hammer was down. If your receiver has a threaded hole in the bottom of the receiver ring this is the proper rod stop for your rifle. 800 Remington Model 1867 Danish Rolling Block Carbines at $ 18. Winfield had also offered 60 rounds of 175-gr. Your case separation problem is a common one with the. a456 conical needed a little more persuaision. 6mm Danish issue model 1867 Remington rolling block centre fire / rim fire service rifle. on both the upper and lower tang. 7x51R mm rolling block over the weekend. Those 60% loads of H4895 very generally produce excellent accuracy for cast bullets in center-fire rifles. The Remington rolling block also became the standard service rifle of the Danish Army. Army (retired), a lifetime collector of the Remington Rolling Block military rifles of the world, is recognized as one of the leading experts regarding their many types and variations. 46 caliber and still set up to be converted back. (By contrast, M1867 Danish Remington rolling block rifles were fitted with . NARROW YOUR SEARCH CATEGORY Gun Parts - (1) CONDITION Very Good - (1) SELLER. Danish Model 1883 Rolling Block RifleThis rifle was modified from rimfire to centerfire and chambered for the 11. Rare, Kjovenhaven Toihuus model 1867, 11. popular with a wide variety of bullets. Why trust us? Lie with your legs straight, feet flexed, and arms extended above your chest. Specifications-Year of Manufacture: c. Description: This is great old 1867 Rolling Block. Found one I liked and it arrived a couple days ago. 7 Danish cartridge with 35 1/2" barrel and bayonet lug on first barrel band. On the right side of the action has large Crown with AR. It will require some finishing. Original Danish M1867/96 Remington Rolling Block Infantry Rifle dated 1874 . Load data for 8X58R Danish. Firing pin Rolling Block | Gun parts \ Springs | Opis towaru w meta zmienisz w dziale MODERACJA \ SEO. However, most of these rifles have been converted to centerfire with the cartridge designation being 12,7x44R. DANISH M1867/96 ROLLING BLOCK RIFLE. Lot # 264: Danish Remington Model 1867 Rolling Block Rifle Lot # 1031 : E. During the Franco-Prussian War, France acquired 210,000 Rolling Block rifles to make up for a shortage of the standard-issue Chassepot. cartridge will chamber but is just slightly loose. The left side of the receiver is marked with the "Danish crown / script CR" over "M-1867". 69" and the diameter of the rims reduced by about. 05% state and local sales tax will be charged. Danish rolling block parts Hi, I'm looking for some screws for my Danish pattern rolling block receiver. the patent dates are still slightly visible on the side. This seems to definitely be a military model since it has a bayonet lug and a long one at that - I'm thinking some type of saber since it looks like the lug on my Chassepot (but the Chassepot bayo doesn't fit). Receiver Parts; Glend Arms Firing Pin Remington Rolling Block #1 and #5 Shop All Featured Ammunition Featured Reloading Supplies Featured Gun Parts Featured. There has recently been published some data for the 8x58R Danish for use in the 1889 Swedish rolling block rifle that far exceeds safe load levels. From what I can see in the photos, it's in pretty nice shape. REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK PARTS. Debunking 8x58R Danish Load Data for Swedish rolling block rifles. All of our parts are guaranteed 100% original US Military surplus acquired in the 1950s from both W. Your rifle was made for the Danish in 1867. Produced in Denmark, with Remington Rolling Block Patent Drawings; Cal 11. Today, Swedish rolling block rifles from the blackpowder era can be found in two caliber configurations and a 3rd different cartridge on a very small scale. NARROW YOUR SEARCH CATEGORY Gun Parts - (1. In very nice looking condition and assembled in the Copenhagen Arsenals under license from Remington on a Remington marked and produced receiver. In very nice looking condition and assembled in the Copenhagen Arsenals under license from Remington on a . 43 Spanish Caliber built in 1879 for Argentina. Models, With screw and locating pin, Reproducti Price$80. Your rifle is the Danish Model 1867 Rolling Block Rifle. Danish Rolling Blocks and chamber length confusion. Currency: USD Category: Firearms & Military Start Price: 400. 4 x 15R caliber barrel serial number 52423. 070" so we offer the ammo and brass both ways. No part of Denmark is more than 32 miles (67 kilometers) from the sea. The sizer die works OK without modification. Dane Rolling Blocks The Scandinavian rolling blocks include; the 1868 Remington Danish contract rifles, the Danish rifles made under patent agreement with Remington, the Norwegian Rifles, and the many variations of Swedish made military and civilian long guns. 00: View Image: Danish Model 1867 Rolling block Rifle 45 Danish caliber 45-70 works fine. Joined: Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:14 am. Bill was the foremost supplier of rolling block parts over the previous 35+ years. 45) was ok to use on it since it is not an exact match. It was also used In the "New Krag Jorgensen" rifles in 1889. I need the pivot pin retaining screws. It has a very good bore and lots of service life left in it. The Danish rolling block rifles are usually chambered in 11. Forend tip with integral bayonet lug for a #5 military rolling block Rifle. The Danish model first utilized a rimfire cartridge and that stayed in service well into the smokeless era. by roundtop » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:40 pm. 7x51 is close to 45-70 but wanted to ask if that jag (. Description: Danish Rolling Block Rifle Model 1867 11. Danish Remington Rolling Block M1867. countries purchased this patent from Remington this rifle being a Danish model of the popular Model 1867 Rolling Block. Womack's Rolling Block Parts is a company dedicated to providing repair and restoration parts for Remington rolling block firearms. Pattern (Modellexemplar), serial # 1. It was this mechanism with patent from 1865, which was tested and accepted in Sweden. Remington made 20,000 for Denmark in early 1867. If you do a search for Uberti rolling block 45-70 and look for a rather large young man in a green knit shirt, he's about to fire a 45-70 version by Uberti of the remington rolling block number 2 which in its usual config shoots a. The right receiver wall is bare and the upper tang. This wonderful example was made in 1891 and is marked on. The Model 1867 Remington rolling block rifle was the first metallic cartridge rifle to be adopted by Sweden. Making a useful target rifle out of a Remington takes a lot more than sights and a new bbl. 43 Spanish/Egyptian Cartridge Type: Centerfire Cartridge. and there seem to be soooo many iterations of this rifle in type and caliber. 17mm caliber in stock, weapons suitable for. The Danish and Swedish actions I've rebarreled were standard blackpowder 12-tps square threads. 5 mm round, the rifle exhibits the large action with a high spur hammer and a projecting ear-like lever on the right side of breech block. this auction is for a rolling block stripped receiver,trigger guard,stock and butt plate with screws. Yes, this stock has a hole in it, and it was intentional. Rolling Blocks were issued to the Navy and fortress troops until 1940, after which some of them were re-placed with Krag-Jorgensen carbines which had been taken . (140) 140 product ratings - Ruger BX-Trigger Red 10/22 Rifle Charger Pistol 22LR NEW Retail 90631 Drop-In. Rolling block breach mechanism held. Location: Currently not on view. 7x51R Single Shot Rifle Antique: GunBroker is the largest seller of Antique Guns Collectible Firearms All: 892297743. 1) actions, and the larger one for smokeless (No. » Scabbards, Frogs, Parts; British Commonwealth Gear; Enfield » Enfield Accessories » Enfield No1 Series » Enfield No4 Series » Enfield No5 Jungle; Mauser Parts » K98 Vz24 » Argentine 1891 » Argentine 1909 » Gew98 M98 » Spanish-Chilean » Swedish » Turkish » Vergueiro 1904/39 » Yugoslav; Mannlicher; Mosin Nagant Parts; Mosin Nagant. This rifle was modified from rimfire to centerfire. DANISH & US MILITARY ROLLING BLOCK RIFLES. The Krag Jorgensen system was invented in 1886 by Captain Ole Herman Johannes Krag of the Danish Army and Erik Jorgensen, a Danish gunsmith. front face of receiver is stamped 462, 11, and two other proof marks that i can't make out. This measures approximately 28 1/2" It came from a military 7mm. The wood and furniture is typical Remington pattern. The Remington Rolling Block rifle is a significant part of history across half of the world. Danish Model 1867/96 Rolling Block Rifle. I'm in the process of getting it cleaned up, oiled etc. Denmark ordered 20000 rifles from Remington to be delivered within 6 months. I also need a trigger and locking lug. Remington Military Rolling Block Cleaning Rod + Stop/Nut. The barrel is 35†with the gun’s overall length at 51â€. With the help of a few parts from Dixie Gun Works and lots of elbow grease, . Remington Rolling Block Parts · Our Main Categories · Remington Rolling Block No3 Tang Sight | Lyman R · Remington Rolling Block #1 or #5 Rear Walnut Stock. Remington Rolling Block Hammer & Breech Block with Pins and Rotary Extractor. "ONE PRICE FOR BOTH" ***HISTORICALLY*** Denmark entered into. 7 AND NOT A 45/70? there is also some thoughts that it might be a 8mm krag smokeless powder. But some take less reworking of the hammer and trigger spurs to make them look like a Remington Sporter. THESE RIFLES WERE MADE IN RIMFIRE WHEN MANUFACTURED AND CONVERTED TO. Return Policy: 3 day inspection and return policy on used guns. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. The bore is mirror bright with sharp rifling. Swedish Rolling Block Example Walnut Butt Stock. 975" maximum 12 square threads per inch. Glend Arms Firing Pin Remington Rolling Block #1 and #5. The part of the historie in Europe is missing some information . Description: I HAVE A "ROLLING BLOCK" KJOBENHAVNS TOIHUUS "COPENHAGEN ARSENAL" M-1867/96. When the stamp for the side patents came out. those scandinavian countries had gotten the idea from denmark, who as far back as 1867 started ordering rolling blocks of their own, chambered in a chunky 11mm black powder rimfire round very close. Please add $40 for shipping and 3% if paying by credit card. " The breech area will actually look a lot like that of the M1867 Danish Rolling Block rifles. Some of the Danish have those big ugly spurs made to work with heavy mittens on, and stick straight out to the side of the breech block. Description: A very unique rifle this Danish Rolling block with a 30 7/8" barrel with a crisp excellent bore chambered for the 8X58R is a nicely done custom sporting rifle with European narrow sling swivels, and hand checkered stock, and schnabel forend. The left side of the butt-stock carries a (between dine & nickel size) brass disc which has a stylized "J. Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe in. “Remington Rolling Block Parts,” GS Womack. 1 & 1-1/2 Single Shot rifle parts and schematics with Numrich Gun Parts. 5" long backsight leaf marked to 2100 yards or is it meters? Left receiver flat is stamped with a Crown over the Royal Cypher over the mark M-1867. i will see if i can get some pics posted. Husqvarna ROLLING BLOCK BARREL AND FRAME - C49126 12 Gauge; 95% blue, poor bore, good stock, 35'' barrel, This 1/3 octagon, 2/3 round barrel has a weld bead about 6-inches inside muzzle. High quality replacement parts for classic firearms. Forend tip for a #1 Remington military rolling block rifle. (But, Don't Shoot These - Cases Will Split)! If. Denmark ordered 42,000 rifles and 1,800 carbines in 11mm Danish Remington rimfire cartridge. Some discoloration with black leather. Your low 3000 ser number would likely have been made in 1874. This auction is for a Hammer; Breech Block; Rotary Extractor; and the pivot pins for the hammer and breech block. The Model 1867 Remington rolling block rifle was the first rifle using metallic cartridges to be adopted by the Swedish and Norwegian armies. I seem to recall that the Danish RRB was originally a Rimfire converted to a CF in the Model 1867 Rifle. 00: Danish M1915 carbine bayonet with scabbard: Fine: $235. 00 USD to floor + buyer's premium + applicable fees & taxes. It is common for Danish chambers to be able accept. Remington Single Shot Rifles. The Danish contract rifles are easily identified by their unique features. What bullet? The sights are regulated for a 12,7gram~196gr Spitzer cupro-nickel bullet (BC @. Lot 287: Danish Model 1867 Rolling Block Rifle Auction Date: July 18, 2019. Every day is a school day, if you are curious. I'm not a complete idiot, some of my parts are missing. Keeping your arms straight, brace your c. Catastrophic failure of barrel and breach due pressures way over the norm. Unless customer has a valid sales tax exemption certificate, 8. The rolling block action has poor gas handling design in case of a blown primer. Values for DANISH M1867 ROLLING BLOCK RIFLE: Several countries purchased this patent from Remington this rifle being a Danish model of the popular Model 1867 Rolling to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. bottom center of trigger guard is stamped with a "y" and 462 and 9 on sides of. The upper tang is marked "KJOBENHAVN TOIHUUS 1883" and most components. I had been considering getting one of these for the past few years. This, of course, weakens the case. Two-line address on tang started with REMINGTON'S and April 17, . 1 rolling block parts for sale are parts for an original remington no. The original Danish RB round was 11. Bore Exc, Mech Exc, Wood VG plus near exc, Has a 35 3/8" Rd barrel with bayonet lug , 3 bbl bands, orig. I have been told that these can fire 45/70 black powdwer cartidges also. DANISH 1867/93 ROLLING BLOCK RIFLE. Walnut stock with three barrel bands, cleaning rod and leather sling. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. A Remington Rolling Block Rifle Of My Own Back when I was a kid, I read a small soft-cover book about the history of the Remington Arms company. 5mm air rifle barrel laying around that I chambered in 6. Here's some pictures from the first Rolling Block I ever Sporterized about two decades ago. by DanVito » Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:20 am. The action as mentioned above is of the single shot Rolling Block type and has been brought to a spectacular case-hardened finish, as standard. a beautiful Remington Rolling Block Danish Model 1876 Rifle. Caliber is in 8mm x 58mmR and used a fixed side mounted 5 round magazine. The blade has some light pitting. Nominally it had a caliber of 4 decimal lines, but the actual caliber was 4. Description: sold pending funds-1-14-22-sam a- HERE'S AN M-1897 DANISH ROLLING BLOCK CHAMBERED IN 11. Stokes Kirk in Philadelphia, PA and Bannerman's Island Arsenal, NY. Looking to buy a Danish 1867/96 Rolling Block. It is missing the firing pin extractor from the block. Also, If you are loading for a Danish Rolling Block, I don't think you are looking for hot loads. 7x51R At offer is a very nice 1867 Danish Rolling Block that retains a great deal of original blue, albeit faded in areas, a beautiful fiddleback walnut stock with a serial number matching the rifle and a near mint bore. rolling block for sale on GunsAmerica. AN2330: Danish issue model 1867 Remington rolling block service rifle. 45-70 brass is to be used, it should be 'fire formed' to the Danish chamber, using low pressure loads. Danish Remington M1867 Rolling Block for sale. This item SOLD at 2020 Jun 14 @ 17:16 UTC-4 : AST/EDT. 22 #570-10-22 · Remington 4 firing pin. Danish M-1867 Rolling Block I believe to be in 45-70. 7 x 51R, 35 1/2 barrel with an excellent, bright bore. It has a blade front sight, a ladder rear sight. Danish Rolling Block Rifle 45. Husqvarna 8x58R Danish Rolling Block commercial rifle barrel & forearm #s matching. 00 Compare Husqvarna 9 - C49184. Reference material for Remington Rolling Block Firearms. Guns Rifles Remington Rifles Pre REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK. Officially, the Danish Remington Rolling Block rifles were phased out of the coastal artillery at the end of January, 1911, but the Danish Army museum asserts that only in the late 1940s were the last M. This appears to be a Danish model 1867 sword bayonet for the model 1867 Remington rolling block rifle. Remington Rolling Block #1, #1-1/2 Parts Layout w/ List. (the long thin Mounting Screw available separately) $15. They were sturdy, easy-to-use, and had a wide range of varied classifications in each arm. 9 You are bidding on one cleaning rod and cleaning rod stop/nut for a large frame Remington rolling block rifle in VG-Ex condition. [more like this] DANISH M1867 ROLLING BLOCK RIFLE: Several. The rolling block was acknowledged as the best arm of its time, and its acceptance overseas brought Remington back into the black. Numbers for forearm and barrel match the bore is in excellent shape overall the metal finish is in very good shape look at detail in pictures look at pictures ask questions payment 3 days shipping lower 48 only no international shipping thanks stkesq. These below are Buffalo Arms cases made from R-P. 357MAG · #3 - U0123003 Barrel Octagonal 26". Upper tang marked "KJOBENHAVNS TOIHUUS 1876". Remington & Sons arms factory bought the patent and improved the construction further. I recently was searching for the same part and had no luck finding the straight "bar" extractor domestically. Only drawback and it isn't a big one for me is that the finish is thin. The lower tang, the underside of the barrel (over the forend), the. Danish Model 1867/96 Rolling Block Rifle REF. 7x42R Danish/Remington cartridge". Debunking 8x58R Danish Load Data for Swedish rolling block. This piece shows a bright excellent plus bore in the 11. 7x56Rmm cartridge and the correct 35 1/4" barrel. No caliber markingsor any markings save a few very small crowns, on the hammer, the receiver. 7 Danish Cartridge interchangeable to 45-70 Cartridge. We carry Mauser, Enfield, 1911, Mosin Nagant and more!. It was adopted in 1889 by the Danish Army to replace the Model 1867 Rolling Block rifle. By all means shoot smokeless in your rifle if . We are open Monday - Friday from 10:00AM to 6:00PM EST. 00: Danish M1950 Garand bayonet in USM7 fiber scabbard: Fine: $120. Remington Rolling block single shot rifles were produced throughout the latter . I have a Danish Rolling Block in 11. Note: This gun is NOT considered obsolete calibre, so we are no able to ship to the United Kingdom. Read more below > All sales are final, no returns. The rifle like most of these Rolling Blocks was. Hello, I got a 1867 Danish Rolling block yesterday and was wondering if there was any special jag/cleaning attachment I needed in order to clean it since it is blackpowder? I have a basic rifle cleaning kit and I know 11. Refine by No filters applied Browse by & Price Hide Filters Show Filters filter by price. Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA, demonstrates the cycle of operation of a Remington Rolling Block. DANISH SMALL ARMS OF WORLD WAR II, PART I: "FRA . New to me Danish Rolling Block. This is a Danish made Remington Rolling Block rifle made in 1884. Payment Methods: Danish ~ M-1867 Rolling Block ~ 11. It has again given this cartridge new life. A sloppy firing pin/breeech fit greatly increases this hazard to the shooter. Most of it his tory in the US is discribed. Remington Rolling Block Parts: 775. 17 mm), and it fired a rimfire round with a 12. M1867 NORWEGIAN REMINGTON (Remingtongevær m/1867). Soon, the Army got into the act and by 1870 was. New Friends, Yesterday, I purchased a Danish Rolling Block 3-band military musket ( The receiver tang says that the rifle was made at the Danish National Arsenal in Copenhagen & dated 1878) in what is either 11. Model 1867 Danish/Remington Rolling Block Rifle Description: This is a very nice condition rolling block rifle made by the Danish Arms Maker Kjobhnhavn and has 1881 manufacture date stamped on the upper tang. It was chosen because the Swedish army had warehouses full of rifles in 12. [more like this] DANISH M1867 ROLLING BLOCK RIFLE: Several countries purchased this patent from Remington this rifle being a Danish model of the popular Model 1867 Rolling Block. Japanese Arisaka Type 99 Rifle #93055. Wood is European hardwood, and has most likely been refinished. I have had some minor dealings with this company for some basic parts and they are very willing to answer questions and if they don't have . Remington Rolling Block is a family of breech-loading rifles that was produced from the mid-1860s into the early 20th century by E. For dies I'm using a Lee set for the. And it may fit others having similar barrel/stock lengths. Off the top of my head, these were the modern smokeless powder calibers offered by the factories that made the rifles: 1. With Danish proofs on breech and on the left of the frame above M-1867. See if you can’t beat your own o. Great deals on Remington Rolling Block 4 In Rifle Parts. 4 American Boy Scout Rolling Block Rifle.